"One of the most important protagonists
of free improvised music in Europe ..."

Jean et Francoise Buzelin, 1992


"Goudbeek was superb, his melodic ideas at times sounding more like a bluegrass banjo player than an avant garde saxophone player."
John Fordham, The Guardian, 1978

"Goudbeek totally free, expressive en creative."
A. De Swaen, De Standaard, 14-08-85

"What's most obvious is the quality of the musicianship, especially that of the marvelously lyrical alto saxophonist André Goudbeek"
John Litweiler, Chicago Tribune, 1981

"Le saxophoniste, qui suscite les commentaires les plus -gieux des critiques."
Jean-Pascal Vachon, 1991

Photo © Guy Van De Poel